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@tupacmadaddy i’m on mobile but I fucking love you, thanks for the advice 😘❤️

Just unsure about him

Just one more fucking time and I give up

I promise.

Do you ever just feel so fucking confused about one dude

And you are not the type to fall in too quick but at the same time he’s like yours??? In a territorial way??

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I swear to God when i say this, trollers are the most saddest people of all time.

Don’t bring that negative shit on my blog because your white mom didn’t got you a phone or whatever that is completely not so serious for you to be mad and angry at the world and having to resort to the internet in a way to express your anger by 1) harassing people 2) annoy people 3) making utterly dumb ass suicide threats

Be fucking positive straight up and stop with that fucking trolling shit.

AKA @amandabynes2013 

And with that said this ‘session’ has ended because I do not wish to entertain with the foolish and the sad.

@amandabynes2013 , yes I’m a fucking ‘nigger’ welcome to 2014 bitch. Fuck outta here with that shit. Wack ass blog, like go the fuck outside and do shit other than trying to relive on Amanda Bynes breakdown.

@amandabynes2013 stop it, you’re not cute to be replying my shit. Seek counseling bitch and stop fantasizing what the fuck would be like if you was schizophrenic with yo’ loser ass.

This guy
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link up
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Ignore the perv face but squad doe’ 👌 (at Walden Galleria)
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Well folks I got a boo thang well, we’re starting to like become….

Yes we’re taking it slow so hush up.

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